Come to the Manger

baby in mangerMy heart is at home in a manger
It rests in a baby’s small hand
Whose fingers have fashioned the stars of the night
And counted each granule of sand.

This child is King and Creator
A Savior sent down from above
Immanuel, wrapped in a baby’s soft skin
God with us, to know and to love.

So often my heart tends to wander
Out into the cold night of sin
Away from the warmth of the manger
Away from the child within.

Just a baby, so helpless and frail
Yet He holds the whole earth in His heart
His love draws me close to the manger
When my wanderings would keep me apart.

Cattle once fed in this bower
Where now lies a Savior’s small head
He offers Himself as the sweet Bread of Life
On which our soul’s longing is fed.

Come, draw near to the manger
Leave the world and its darkness behind
Consider the child who gave Himself for you
No greater gift will you find.


4 thoughts on “Come to the Manger

  1. Amen! What a wonderful invitation to come to the Light, to leave the darkness behind. Beautiful!


  2. Joy Walker says:

    Dear Valerie, Did you compose this poem? It is beautiful. We need reminders to draw us back to the Christ of the manger.


  3. melodylowes says:

    Beautiful – it sings. This could be put to music, I think…


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