Easter Stories & More

The Easter season is rich with stories and images unique for each of us, according to our family traditions, cultural backgrounds and our spiritual journeys. That is why the freshly published anthology, Easter Stories & More, is a delight to read, because it is comprised of insights into Easter from many contributors.

When InScribe Christian Writers Fellowship put the call out for submissions from its members for their new anthology, I was eager to participate. They were asking for creative fiction from the viewpoint of those involved in the biblical Easter story. To imagine myself as one of those who witnessed the drama of the Passion week makes it come alive for me. I am honored to have two stories, Carry the Cross and The Innocent Man, included in the book, as well as a poem, Psalm of Mary Magdalene. I am in good company, because the book abounds with a variety of stories, devotionals and poetry from the pens of gifted Canadian writers using their gifts to help you experience a more meaningful Easter.

I am eager to share this book with you, somewhat because of my personal involvement but don’t just take my word for it. Read a more erudite opinion from the foreword by Dr. David Guretzki.

What does this all have to do with the chapters set out before you in this book? Let me suggest that these pieces are a collective of Easter witnesses. The authors represent a wide range of backgrounds, ages, experiences and perspectives, and the genres in which they write include devotionals, non-fiction, fiction, poetry, and even recipes. And yet each in their own creative and unique way are witnesses that expand the evidence for the reality of Easter.

David Guretzki, PhD

Executive Vice President and Resident Theologian, The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

Easter Stories & More is available now through these outlets, or from the authors. If you would like a copy for your library or to give as a gift, please let me know in the comments.

Kobo https://www.kobo.com/ca/en/ebook/easter-stories-more

I also invite you to learn more about some of the authors included in Easter Stories & More by following the blog tour listed below. They would love to hear from you through your comments.

March 24 – Ruth L. Snyder https://ruthlsnyder.com/blog/

March 25 – Sally Meadows https://sallymeadows.com/blog

March 26 – Eunice Matchett https://albertastoryteller.com/

March 27 – Lynn Dove https://lynndove.com/

March 28 – Pat Gerbrandt https://patgwriter.wordpress.com/

March 29 – Denise Ford https://walkingwithdustyanddee.com/

March 30 – Marcia Laycock https://marcialeelaycock.com/thespur/

March 31 – Bob Jones revwords.com https://revwords.com/

April 1 – Valerie Ronald https://scriptordeus.wordpress.com

April 2 – Kimberley Payne https://www.kimberleypayne.com/blog/

April 3 – Marnie Pohlmann https://marniewriter.com/blog/

April 4 – Lynn Simpson https://lynnjsimpson.com/

2 thoughts on “Easter Stories & More

  1. tracykrauss says:

    Congrats on your pieces in the anthology!


  2. I’m blessed to read your writing in Easter Stories & More, Valerie!


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